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How to Get Rid of Butt Cellulite: 7 Pro Tips

If you’ve landed on this page, then that means you’re one of the 90% of women that suffer from bum cellulite. Has that figure made you feel any better? If not, that’s alright – you’re here for some cellulite-banishing remedies, and that’s exactly what we’re here to give you! 

But before we spill all our secrets on how to get rid of butt cellulite, we think it’s best to explain why those stubborn lumps and bumps are so common and what might be causing them to appear on your bum.

Cellulite is basically fat cells that have been pushed against the skin, creating an uneven appearance often compared to that of an orange peel. Women are much more likely to develop cellulite, especially around the underbutt and on the bum itself, as we store our body fat in the thighs and bum regions. 

But we can’t put all the blame on being female, as there’s a bit more to it than just gender. Things like skin tone, muscle tone, and even how strong our skin’s connective tissue is can determine how severe-looking our cellulite can be. Pair that with our extra bum fat, fluid retention, and poor circulation from sitting on our rumps all day, and that will explain our embarrassing behinds! 

So, what can we do to tackle cellulite on the butt? We’re glad you asked! Read on for 7 ways to get rid of butt cellulite.

1. Cellulite-fighting superfoods

cellulite superfoods

Diet can play an important role in ditching the cellulite on your bum and underbutt. Superfoods full of fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals are all healthy options to add to your plate – tomatoes, garlic, seaweed, artichoke, and flaxseeds, for example. 

All these foods aid in collagen production, reducing bloat, regulating the metabolism, and balancing hormones – which can really help if your body isn’t producing enough estrogen, by the way! 

2. Stop sitting so much

pink chair

Reducing the amount of time you spend sitting down can rid your bum, legs, and underbutt of nasty-looking cellulite. Too much time parked on your bottom can impede circulation, compress tissue, and cause blood to pool in the lower legs, which can damage the small capillaries responsible for delivering nutrients to the cells. 

It’s no coincidence that cellulite is far worse on the backs of our legs than on the front – it’s all down to sitting!

3. Dry brushing

Tone & Glow Body Brush Natural Bristle Body Brush

Using a soft-but-firm bristled brush to sweep across your skin is an easy way to rid yourself of bum cellulite. The massaging motion of the bristles penetrates into the underlayers of skin to help increase circulation and reduce water retention. It’s best to use a natural bristle brush like the Tone & Glow Body Brush, as these aren’t too harsh on the skin. 

Try to brush in long strokes for 3-5 minutes, brushing towards the heart wherever possible. For cellulite-prone areas such as the underbum, a circular motion can give some extra needed stimulation.

4. Booty sculpting exercises

butt exercise

If you want to know how to get rid of butt cellulite without doing any exercise, we’ve got some bad news for you. Although you can reduce the appearance of cellulite without working out, you won’t be able to banish the bumps entirely. 

Toning the muscles on the bum, underbutt and even the legs can give you the derrière of your dreams! Try to work your butt muscles for around 20 minutes, 3-4 days a week, with squats, lunges, and plenty of leg lifts to get you feeling the burn!

5. Firming skincare

gotu kola

A good, skin-firming cream can go a long way in helping fight the appearance of cellulite. You want to use a product that’s packed full of beneficial ingredients, such as caffeine and essential oils. 

Essential oils of juniper, grapefruit, and geranium are great for reducing water retention and boosting circulation, while caffeine works as a diuretic to temporarily tighten skin. The Gotu Kola herb is also a great ingredient to look for, as it encourages collagen production and fights free radicals – you can find Gotu Kola and all three essential oils in the Contour Sleek body oil!

Contour Sleek Cellulite Firming Body Oil

6. Avoid tight undies

backside of woman wearing underwear

You’d be surprised at how much damage those tight undies are doing to your bottom! It’s all to do with blood and lymph flow, or lack of it. Tight undergarments – yes, Spanx, we’re talking to you – can restrict circulation to your tush and stop your lymph nodes from properly draining. 

It’s not just shapewear either, underwear with tight elastic cutting over your buttocks is a definite no-no, too. You’re bum needs a breather, so make sure to give it one!

7. Cupping massage

Cheeky Cups in woman thighs

For those of you who aren’t familiar with cupping, it’s an ancient Chinese therapy that uses cups to apply suctioning pressure to the skin. This process helps to decompress and strengthen connective tissue while flushing out any trapped toxins and creating room for new blood to flow. 

Using silicone cups such as Cheeky Cups, rather than traditional glass, will let your skin reap the benefits of cupping without suffering from any bruising. 

You’ll find that cupping works best on lubricated skin too, so we recommend using both the cups and body oil available in the Bye Bye Cellulite Kit!

Bye Bye Cellulite Kit Complete Body Smoothing Routine

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