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Tummy Sleek Review: Does This Stomach Tightening Treatment Work?

Looking to tackle mummy tummy? This post features a review of Tummy Sleek – a stomach tightening treatment that helps smooth belly skin and stretch marks.

It’s no secret that pregnancy takes a toll on our tummies. How can you get your skin back into shape – improving the appearance of loose skin and stretch marks?

While there’s no magic bullet, it IS possible to tackle mummy tummy with the right combination of diet, exercise, and skin care.

That’s where Tummy Sleek comes in. We’ve partnered with vlogger Linda Poirier from Bodies After Babies who used our Tummy Sleek Tummy Tightening Serum for 4 weeks.

Could it help firm and smooth the look of her mummy tummy? In this post, we share the results of Linda’s Tummy Sleek stomach tightening treatment experiment!

Tummy Sleek: Stomach Tightening Treatment Review – Part 1

Check out Linda’s pre Tummy Sleek video above, with tips on how to effectively apply it to your belly for the best results.

Tummy Sleek: Stomach Tightening Treatment Review – Part 2

After using Tummy Sleek for 4 weeks twice a day, Linda noticed a visible improvement in her skin’s texture and appearance. She loved the serum, the scent and how easily it’s absorbed into the skin. Watch her full review above.

Tackle Mummy Tummy with Tummy Sleek

Tummy Sleek before and after results

Our innovative stomach tightening treatment is packed with natural and clinically test ingredients that help:

  • Visibly smooth and tighten skin
  • Minimize the appearance of stretch marks
  • Depuff and detox for a firmer looking tummy

Combined with a healthy diet and exercise, it’s your secret weapon for a tighter-looking tummy and extra boost of confidence.

Learn more and shop now!

Tummy Sleek


Transcription | Tummy Sleek: Stomach Tightening Treatment Review – Part 1

In this video we’re going to talk about mummy tummy and postpartum belly, specifically, our wrinkled tummy after pregnancy and the treatment we can do.

We have been through war in childbirth, we have donned our battle scars, and today I’m going to war for all of us on how to tighten that wrinkly loose skin on our tummy.

So I’ve decided that I’ll be slathering my mummy tummy with a special treatment on camera to tighten that loose skin after pregnancy. Let’s get started!

How often do you look down at your loose skin on your stomach and feel depressed? In pregnancy, our bodies grow in ways we never even thought would be possible. We didn’t think we’d get as big as we did. We didn’t realize what would happen after we had our precious little one.

And we certainly didn’t think our confidence and self esteem would take a beating. I know for me, I see the wrinkly skin on my stomach, and I feel deflated. And I’ve been known to complain about it a time or two or three or four. It’s squishy. It’s wrinkly.

Sometimes it has a mind of its own and acts like a shelf. And don’t even get me started on my belly button. If I could have a magic wand, I’d wish I could have my body back before I had kids.

So that’s why today I’ve partnered with Cheeky Physique, a company whose aim is to get awesome results without sacrificing quality or slathering you with toxins.

Cheeky Physique sent me a product called Tummy Sleek Tummy Tightening Serum. I know, awesome right? They have been in magazines such as Star Magazine, In Touch, Bella, Canadian Living and so much more. They have really high quality ratings, and they never test on animals.

And don’t have those nasty parabens phthalates, petroleum or mineral oil in them. Cheeky Physique supports Breast Cancer Awareness, which is fantastic. And so far this company has ticked all the right boxes for me.

So I’ve been looking for a product for a while now that will get the job done. Something that has natural ingredients, something that smells good and something that makes me feel like a million bucks. My skin is actually something that I’ve neglected for quite some time.

Our skin has been through the ringer with pregnancy. And when skin is significantly stretched, and stays that way for a long time, collagen and elastin fibers actually become damaged, which makes the elasticity of our skin go down the crapper.

The typical woman can expect to lose 1 to 2% of her collagen every single year. And this loss typically begins in the 30s. The weight gain we experience when we are pregnant and then the weight loss we have after takes a toll on the stomach: stretch marks, dry skin, discolored skin, puffiness, and that loose skin.

So this Tummy Sleek serum arrived the other day and I’m going to take the product for a test drive for four straight weeks. This isn’t a cream or an oil. It’s a serum, which is a lightweight gel that contains a high concentration of active ingredients.

And it’s not like creams or lotions, serums don’t have oils that block the active ingredients being absorbed and it allows the actual ingredients to penetrate your skin and be more effective. So you are witnessing day one my friend.

First I love the packaging, this product is not cheaply made. The bottle is glass and it actually comes with a pump. It smells really really good.  It kind of reminds me like a little bit of a bubble bath with some fruity like grapefruit and it’s really nice. It feels really feminine to me, and I can use that some days.

Here’s my frustrations with my belly skin. I have a rough texture on the sides of my stomach for my stretch marks. When I get more tan you can see the more there’s silvery, like white stripes.

They used to be red but they went away over time. I gained 54 pounds with each of my kids and I’m only five feet tall. So I gained over half of my weight with each of them. So I’m actually fortunate it wasn’t worse than what it actually is.

As I was losing weight, I made sure that I had nutritious food to support me as I lost the weight. And I believe the more nutrients you take in the better your skin heals.

Next is the wrinkly appearance on my lower belly. As I lean up for summertime you can really see it and also when I’m super dehydrated, so make sure to drink your water to start seeing a difference. Overall my skin isn’t that moisturized, so I’m really looking forward to using this product to make a difference.

And finally my belly button. Once upon a time, I decided it was a good idea to get a belly button ring when I was 17. At a party in the mountains with a piercing gun. I’m not joking. When I was pregnant with my first son, I watched a red stretch mark go all the way up where the piercing was. And now it’s a mushy mess.

The ingredients in here have skin toning ingredients to help firm the look of your tummy. It has Actigym marine extract, caffeine, and bitter orange extract.

Now the Actigym marine extract is an ingredient from marine plankton extract. It’s been clinically shown to improve skin tone and refine the look and appearance of your skin.

Caffeine is known for depuffing effects, and also visibly smooths and tightens for that more defined look. Yes, bitter orange extract is an antioxidant rich citrus extract that helps eliminate toxins for sleeker smoother body contours.

Now I’ll be using it as directed, which is twice a day for the next four weeks. And a little goes a long way. On the website it actually says that you can use it for 30 to 60 days.

And then when you put it on, it absorbs quite quickly, like just a couple circles and it’s already absorbed. It instantly makes my tummy super smooth.

I really like it and I really love the smell of it. So stay tuned for my results. I’m really excited to try this. So my hope for this product is to tighten things up, especially my lower belly and that belly button of mine and pretty much everything surrounding it.

Thank you so much for watching. Here’s to tighter skin and more confidence. Cheers until next time!

Tummy Sleek Banner

Transcription | Tummy Sleek: Stomach Tightening Treatment Review – Part 2

Four weeks ago, I introduced you to a tummy tightening serum for your belly called Tummy Sleek. I showed you what it is, how to use it, and I even demonstrated it for you on camera.

I’ve been using it now for the last four weeks. And here is my honest review and update. Let’s get started!

So here is the Tummy Sleek serum by Cheeky Physique. From the moment I tried this product, the first thing I really really liked about it was that it was a serum. For some reason I hate putting cream on my stomach. The serum goes on really nicely. And it absorbs very quickly and doesn’t leave your hands sticky.

I put this on twice a day as directed, once in the morning and once in the evening. For convenience and so that I can remember to put it on, I put it right beside my bed. And as soon as I put it on, I noticed a tightening effect right away.

So, I think this would be really really good to put on right before you go out on the beach or if you’re showing your stomach another way. Now the biggest difference I’ve noticed with the serum is a change in my skin’s texture.

I had fairly dry skin before. And whenever I run my hands over top where my stretch marks are, and the regular skin, I notice a big difference. It was rough, you can actually feel the divot. And now it is so much smoother.

I did take before and after pictures. And as you can see the picture on the left is the before and the picture on the right is the after. When I do look at these pictures, I definitely can see a difference.

Now the surprising thing about this product that I found is that I really liked the routine of putting it on and taking care of myself, I need to do that more. And in the process. I’m not only finding better skin, but I am taking care of myself.

Now have I seen a really huge difference other than the texture? No, but at the same time, I have only been using it a month. And to be really honest, there were a few times I missed it. I did have a two-week headache, which was brutal. And I also had a couple days of a cold but I did keep plugging away.

I was hoping for a little bit more of a difference. But let’s face it, every single one of us would love to have a fairy godmother come down and wave her magic wand and wallah, it would be gone. I know I wouldn’t object.

Plus, another factor is I’m not a spring chicken like most of you beauties out there. Collagen starts to fade in the 30s and I’m above that. Now I really do love the smell of this product. I think it smells fantastic.

I haven’t gotten sick of this smell at all. It smells really feminine. It has a little bit of citrus to it. And you only need a little bit and it goes a long way. I’m only a third down, I just one pump, maybe two pumps and do it all over my tummy.

Overall, I’m really happy with the product and I will continue to use it. It will be really interesting to see the differences in another month or two!

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