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Maca Root for Curves: What You Need to Know

Many women today dream of having the famous Kardashian curves. Ever since the late 2000s, we’ve been watching from the sidelines as the likes of Beyonce and Jenny from the Block shake their well-pronounced derrières for the world to admire. 

The harsh reality is, we like big butts and we cannot lie – which doesn’t work out so well for women who aren’t as gifted in the buttocks department. Since the love of peachy backsides isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, we small booty babes need a little help finding our curves, and luckily, we have the perfect solution… maca root!

Not so familiar with maca root? Well, it’s time you two get to know each other a little better, as you’re about to become best friends with this bum-enhancing miracle plant! Maca root is a completely natural plant used in many South American countries. 

It’s said that the plant has many healing properties and body-enhancing benefits, especially for women. The superfood is now making its way across the globe in the form of powders, supplements and even creams, aiding women in their quests for a bigger bum. 

If you’re getting nowhere with the fad diets and you’re sick of all those squats, this could be the answer to your small bum blues – here’s how you can use maca root for curves and booty gains!

How does maca root encourage curves?

maca root powder

Maca root is well known for its hormone-balancing abilities, which is why it works so well for women. We females go through a lot of bodily changes throughout our lives, and that can work our hormones a little too hard. The rapid fluctuations of hormones our bodies have to deal with can have huge effects on our moods, appearance, and even our libidos! 

For many years, Native Americans have been using maca root to solve these issues – it was traditionally used as a libido enhancer until its other benefits were discovered. Maca works by telling your hypothalamus-pituitary gland which hormones it’s over or under-producing, helping to regulate your system. 

For women that under-produce estrogen (which is the hormone that typically sends your fat to the bum, breasts, and hips), this could dramatically aid your efforts for peachier buttocks and an hour-glass figure!

Another reason people are using maca root for curves and buttocks enhancement is that it’s a natural way of supporting muscle growth and getting extra nutrients. Having more fat deposited in the bum region can indeed plump you up, but muscle can do wonders, too – and it’s something everybody can do as everyone has muscles in their bum! 

The plant root is filled with protein and vitamins, which is great for building muscle and giving your body a healthy boost of extra energy. It’s also classed as an anabolic food. These types of foods are found in lots of bodybuilding supplements as they help to build muscle fiber, and since the buttocks contain one of the body’s biggest muscles – the gluteus maximus – there’s a high chance you’ll build plenty of muscle fiber there! 

As maca root is such a nutritionally dense food, you won’t have to resort to popping vitamin capsules or guzzling down protein shakes either. If you stay smart and use maca root as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle, you’re bound to achieve your body goals!

How to get the curve-boosting benefits of maca root

To get the benefits, you have to add maca into your diet in some shape or form. Whether you want to take it in capsules, powder form, or even eat it in its traditional form if you’re feeling adventurous – it doesn’t matter. 

The easiest way to add maca to your foods is in a powdered supplement, as it doesn’t involve any pill swallowing or cooking. You can add the powdered maca root to your morning smoothie or yogurt, sprinkle it over your popcorn, or even season your soup with it. 

Some have described the powder to have a nutty, earthy taste, which can put people off. For these individuals, capsules will be the better option as they’re tasteless and get the job done quickly – although you might have to take more than one capsule a day depending on the suggested dosage.

woman doing exercise

If you want to get the most out of maca root, you’ll have to put in some work of your own, too. This means adding some booty-building exercises into your schedule. Now, you don’t have to sumo squat until your knees give way, but a good 20-minute workout specifically targeting the buttocks will definitely get you closer to the curves you desire. 

Find exercises that isolate your gluteus maximus, medius, and minimus muscles, such as lunges, hip thrusts, and squats. To keep your workouts fresh and fun, you can change them up by trying different forms of each exercise. For squats, you can try jump squats, narrow squats, and sumo squats – just make sure you’re keeping the weight off your toes and your back straight. 

With lunges, you can change direction with forward, side, backward, and curtsey lunges. If you’ve got any free weights such as barbells, kettlebells, or even just a resistance band, you can add these into your workout if you want more of a challenge! Ideally, you want to work your bum muscles at least 3-4 times a week to see some serious results.

You can also find maca root in certain skincare products, too! Using creams that are meant for lifting and shaping the skin can help perk up your bum in the short-run while you work on your diet and exercise. The Sublime Curves Booty Shaping Cream is our favorite booty-lifting cream, as it’s full of skin-firming ingredients and has blended maca root for an added bum-boosting effect!

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