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Are You Wearing the Right Bra for Your Breast Type?

It doesn’t matter what shape or size they are – when your boobs look good, you feel good. One of the easiest way to make your girls look amazing is to wear the right bra.

Beyond lacy details and flirty colors, choosing the right bra style for your individual breast type is key to creating your sexiest silhouette.

Did you know that there are 8 different breast types out there? Read on to identify your breast type and the best bras for you.

Breast Type: Shallow


Also known as “ski-slopes,” this type of breast slopes down from the top to the bottom.

Your Best Bra:

To fill out your chest, try a bra with crescent-shaped padding that will lift the breast tissue and push the boobs together. A push-up bra or a demi bra will be your best option.

Breast Type: Splayed


With a splayed shape, instead of pointing straight ahead, your boobs point outward. Perhaps you have a larger gap between your breasts, giving them a spread out appearance; so you need a bra that’s going to pull them together and perk them up.

Your Best Bra:

A demi bra works well, and will show more of your upper breasts to give them a fuller look. Look for one that has a triangular piece in the center where the cups meet, as well as padding on the sides of the cup to push your ladies together.

Best Type: Semi-Supported

Semi Supported

Your breasts aren’t completely full, but they’re not drooping either. They’re nice, round, and pretty perky (apparently, you haven’t met our arch enemy – gravity – yet).

Your Best Bra:

This type of boob tends to be the model when bras are made, so most bras are going to fit you perfectly. Lucky you.

Breast Type: Self-Supported

Self Supported

If you have breast implants, this is your breast type. You can go with or without a bra since your breasts are supported 24/7.

Your Best Bra:

You would look fabulous with any bra of your choosing. Or none at all. Up to you.

Best Type: Conical


Ice cream cones. That’s what your breasts may resemble if you have this kind of breast shape. It’s generally found in women with a c-cup or smaller.

Your Best Bra:

Because of the unique cone shape, you should look for a bra with more padding to push the center of your boob and round out the shape – something like a demi bra or a push-up bra.

Best Type: Uneven


If your girls aren’t exactly identical twins, there’s no reason to fret. Many woman have one breast that is larger than the other.

Your Best Bra:

Fit your bra to your larger breast and try a foam insert to help your smaller one fill out its cup. Any bra will do, as long as you add a little extra something to help the smaller one out.

Breast Type: Settled


Age, weight fluctuations, and life factors like nursing can cause this type of breast shape. Your girls may hang a little bit or appear deflated. The good news is that they are very malleable and can conform to any appearance you want as long as you use a good bra.

Your Best Bra:

Look for a well-structured and supported bra that has cup seams in it. And be mindful of the straps, as a softer ones will be more comfortable for your shoulders.

Breast Type: Thin


This is a rare shape and is also described as “tubular.” Your breasts are narrow at the base, causing them to take on a tube-like appearance.

Your Best Bra:

Because of their unique shape, styles such as a bandeau bra that goes straight across your chest will be more comfortable for you, as it won’t press on your breasts too much.

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