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5 Ways to Lift a Saggy Butt at Home

No matter the shape or size of our butts, we want them to look their best! But, what if your butt is saggy or flat?

Most women spend years trying to achieve the perfect behind, yet their efforts show little to no results. Ever wondered why this is? It could be down to genetics, but it’s just as likely to be caused by lifestyle issues, too.

If you’re fed up with fads and failing workouts and if you want to make some real progress, then stick around! We’re here to help you get a natural butt lift – and you may be surprised by just how easy it is!

Keep reading for our top 5 tips on how to lift a saggy butt at home:

1. Stop Sitting So Much

woman sitting

Believe it or not, there’s a condition called Dormant Butt Syndrome, and it could be flattening your bum as we speak! The syndrome is caused by excess sitting, as the gluteal muscles weaken and hip flexors tighten while we sit for long periods.

If your bum is looking a little on the flat side and you’re feeling any pain in the bum, hip, and back regions, it’s very possible that you could have Dormant Butt Syndrome.

Thankfully, Dormant Butt Syndrome can be easily reversed as long as you decrease the amount of time you spend sitting on your rump! This doesn’t mean you have to break out the resistant bands and spend your entire day off doing the dreaded ‘leg day’ workout, but movement is key!

If you’ve got an office job, try to take 2-5 minute breaks to walk around every so often. If you need a loo break, do a few laps around the office first. Or if you’re making a coffee, circle round the lunchroom while you wait.

2. Change Your Sleep Position

woman sleeping

Would you believe that a simple switch-up in your sleeping position could lift your buttocks? It’s true!

Much like sitting too much, if you sleep with lots of weight on your bum every night, the constant pressure could be flattening it right down and causing Dormant Butt Syndrome.

Sleeping in the fetal position can also cause the syndrome. But unlike sitting too often, you can’t just get out of bed every 30 minutes to avoid the sagging effects to your bum – so it’s a bit harder to tackle!

It may take some time, but switching from a side or bunched-up position like the fetal position could lift buttocks and stop any back, pelvis, and hip pain you might have.

3. Do Glute Exercises

If you thought you were going to achieve a butt lift without any workouts, we’ve got some sad news for you. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to lift the buttocks and get a peachy-looking bottom without giving your muscles a boost.

The gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus are all-important muscles inside your bum, and they all need a good working out! Exercising these three main muscles can help to strengthen, tone, and shape up your bum, leaving you with a voluptuous, round rump!

Squats, deadlifts, and lunges are all simple bum exercises that you can do without the need for a gym or extra equipment.

If you’re suffering from Dormant Butt Syndrome, the glute exercises can help to get the strength back into your bum muscles to banish the syndrome pain – but you need to keep up the good work to show results!

4. Focus on the Under Butt

woman butt excercise

To add to your bum exercises and lead you on the path to a lifted derriere, you can try incorporating some under butt workouts into your regime. These are exercises to specifically target the upper hamstrings and lower glutes.

Although you can achieve great results just by working out your glutes, you won’t get as much lifting as you do when you work on the under butt.

This is because the under butt defines your buttocks and separates them from your upper thighs, which can turn pancake bottoms into peachy cheeks in no time!

We suggest trying some fire hydrant kicks, donkey kickbacks, and hip thrusts to really feel that under butt burn. If you’ve got any free weights and resistance bands, pop them in your workout routine, too!

5. Apply Sublime Curves

Sublime Curves

After you’ve eliminated your bad bum habits and have started focusing on building those bum muscles, skincare is the icing on the cake!

Sublime Curves is a booty shaping cream that helps firm the skin while shaping and lifting the behind. This miracle cream is rich in Voluplus, a unique “lipofilling” ingredient that increases the appearance of volume. It’s the perfect complement to those butt lift exercises.

If you stick to your booty workouts, avoid bum-flattening habits, and pop on some Sublime Curves cream, you’ll be on your way to a natural bum lift in no time at all!

sublime curves

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