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5 Lazy Girl Ways to Firm Up Fast

We all know that a hot body requires hard work and sweat – and it definitely can’t be achieved overnight. But what if you want to look fabulous right now – not later, after spending months at the gym?

For all you fellow lazy (or just plain impatient) girls out there, here are 5 easy ways to instantly create the illusion of having a firmer looking body.

1. Get Your Tan On

Lazy Girl Firm - Tan

There’s a reason why almost every celebrity has that Hollywood glow – tans are a great way to disguise body flaws. Not only does a bronzed appearance make you look slimmer, it also minimizes the appearance of cellulite and loose skin.

We don’t need to state the obvious, do we? (Melanoma isn’t chic, and crocodile skin is soooo 80’s.) Skip the sun and use a sunless tanner or body makeup instead.

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2. Invest In The Proper Skivvies

Lazy Girl Firm - Shape Wear

When it comes to looking firmer in a flash, shapewear is a girl’s best friend. There’s an endless number of shapewear options out there nowadays as well, meaning you don’t have to resort to suffocating yourself in some industrial-strength waist cincher.

We’re all about ease and comfort, so try these options for a firmer looking silhouette without the torture:

  • Under bust shaping cami: This variation of a shaping camisole features an open bust area, providing you with some great tummy-slimming action without the boob compression.
  • Bra clip or strap holder: These nifty little tools keep bra straps in check and prevent them from falling off your shoulders (they’re also ideal for hiding bra straps under racerback tops). The best part? The clips pull the breasts together for a firmer, more lifted look.
  • All-in-one shaper: Most shapewear pieces focus on a single area; but if you’re looking for the full Monty of shapewear, it’s all about the all-in-one shaper. These garments will firm you up from your boobs to your thighs. For full shaping effects without sacrificing comfort, try a medium control shaper like the SPANX Thinstincts Open-Bust Mid-Thigh Bodysuit.

3. Get in a Good 10 Minute Sweat Session

Lazy Girl Firm - Trampoline

Although exercise takes time to produce results, a high intensity workout can actually make you look firmer instantly. Exercise increases blood flow to the muscles, which makes them appear more toned immediately after your workout.

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Any form of exercise has this effect, but jumping on a mini trampoline (a.k.a. rebounding) is our favorite for these 3 reasons:

  • Rebounding works almost every muscle in your body – and it’s fun!
  • Jumping up and down increases lymph flow – part of your body’s natural detox system – and helps rid the body of retained water. In other words, you’ll instantly feel less bloated and appear slimmer.
  • It’s super efficient. 10 minutes on a mini trampoline is said to be equivalent to 30 minutes on a treadmill. Instant results in less time? Yes, please!

4. Conquer Bloating by Drinking Tea

Lazy Girl Firm - Tea

Nothing will make you feel less-than-fabulous (or firm) like a bloated tummy. When you need your midsection to look trimmer in a hurry, sip some tea – the ultimate anti-bloat remedy.

Your local grocery store is sure to have a selection of several effective flat tummy teas. Here are 3 to try:

  • Ginger tea
  • Peppermint tea
  • Fennel tea

5. Firm Up Your Body with Caffeine

Ingredient - Caffeine

Read the labels on the most popular cellulite creams out there, and you’ll find one ingredient in common: caffeine. That’s because caffeine is wonderfully effective at boosting blood flow and flushing away fluid retention, resulting in a firmer appearance.

Whether you want to tone your tummy or de-flab your inner thighs, caffeine-based skincare products can help sculpt any trouble zone.

Try the Firming Magic of Caffeine for Yourself

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Use Tummy Sleek as part of your overall slim down plan for even better, more swoon-worthy results!

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