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Squalane for Skin: 10 Benefits Your Face Will Love

Squalane is beauty’s new “it” ingredient – and for good reason!

But first, what’s squalane? It’s a lightweight, hydrating oil that mimics your skin’s natural oils. 

What’s unique is that it’s a modified form of squalene (spelled with an “e”), which is one of the key components in human sebum. When we’re young, about 12% of the body’s natural oil consists of squalene. Unfortunately, this begins to decline rapidly by the mid to late 20s.

With the loss of natural squalene comes all those unwanted signs of aging – lines, wrinkles, and dull, dry skin.

Thankfully, squalane (spelled with an “a”) offers a solution. Squalane is a plant-derived oil, but because it’s so similar to squalene, your skin instantly recognizes it. This makes it unparalleled as a moisturizer – and more.

Ready to add squalane to your beauty routine? Here are 10 benefits of squalane your skin and face can look forward to.

1. Replenishes the skin’s natural squalene

woman with wet face

As we just discussed, your skin’s natural squalene levels decline with age. Sadly, that’s just how growing old works! If you’d rather keep the aging process at bay, replenishing your skin’s natural squalene is an absolute necessity.

2. Has antioxidant properties

Another unique benefit of squalane is that it’s a natural antioxidant. It works with other antioxidants in skin to fight wrinkle-causing free radicals. In this sense, it helps proactively protect from future signs of aging.

3. Protects skin’s barrier

woman with clear skin

Skincare professionals use squalane oil as an emollient; this is a protective barrier on the skin made to lock in moisture, defend against toxins, and reduce water loss. Coupled with its antioxidant properties, it’s one of the best skin ingredients to use against environmental damage.

4. Moisturizes skin

If your skin is pleading for some extra moisture, squalane oil can lend a helping hand. One of squalane’s many benefits is its ability to soak right into the skin, giving the dermis an instant hydrating boost.

5. Reduces the appearance of lines

woman with fine lines

Over time, squalane can reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. The natural qualities of squalane help to rejuvenate the skin and minimize visible signs of aging. With everyday use, squalane can help restore that youthful glow.

6. Soothes skin

woman applying squalane

Back in earlier years, squalane was used for many things, one of which was to treat skin burns. Its soothing properties made the oil a firm hit when it came to alleviating the skin, and to this day it still is! Some have even said the oil gives off a pleasant, calming sensation!

7. It’s non-comedogenic

A regular issue when it comes to face oils and serums is their potential to clog up pores. If you’ve ever used a thick, heavy facial oil you’ll know the feeling all too well. Squalane has a thin consistency that the skin takes to extremely well, so you don’t have to choose between a hydrating oil and clear pores – you can finally have both, we promise!

8. Controls oil

woman with great skin

As well as being an all-rounded natural product, squalane benefits your skin’s oil levels, too. If you’re prone to breakouts and have naturally oily skin, you’d usually steer clear of any face oils – but not with squalane. It’s known to help balance out oil production on the face, while still giving your skin the right amount of moisture it needs.

9. Light and breathable

What makes squalane oil stand out from the many other skincare oils on the market is its light and breathable consistency. Unlike many face oils that can promote acne flare-ups, squalane is accepted into the skin’s dermis with ease. The body is already so used to the compound that the skin absorbs the oil, rather than leaving it to sit on top of the skin layer.

10. Improves skin texture

woman with fresh skin

Textured skin is an absolute nightmare to cover. Whether your skin is a regular pimple-producing machine or you’ve been left with scars to remind you of those days, squalane can help! Since it’s full of hydrating, soothing antioxidant properties, the oil can seriously aid in smoothing out skin texture. With regular use, you’ll be left with a silky smooth complexion.

Ready to transform your skin with squalane?

Don’t let time take its toll on your skin. Take advantage of the many benefits that squalane has to offer. 

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