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How To Take Body Measurements For Fitness And Weight Loss (For Women)

This post is our guide for women on how to take body measurements for fitness and weight loss. Plus, get access to our free downloadable body measurement tracker.

Stepping on the scale used to be the holy grail of measuring weight loss and fitness results. However, taking body measurements can help you track your progress better than relying on the scale alone. This is especially true if your goal is to simultaneously tone muscle and lose fat.

That’s because a scale only measures body weight, not your body composition and muscle. And since muscle is more dense than fat, it’s entirely possible to tone up and go down a full clothing size without losing a single pound or kilo!

Another thing to consider is that you could easily gain several pounds of water weight overnight. So, what looks like weight gain could just be temporary water retention.

Taking proper body measurements helps you track your true progress, and helps you avoid those emotional ups and downs that daily weigh-ins can bring. What woman needs that?

In this post, we’ll show you how to take body measurements for fitness and weight loss. Plus, we’ll share a free downloadable body measurement tracker to help you track your progress.

How to Take Body Measurements – Top Tips

woman measuring her legs

Taking body measurements might seem like a no-brainer, but actually it’s quite easy to get wrong! Taking inaccurate or inconsistent body measurements will defeat the entire point of using this tracking method.

Here are some important top tips to keep in mind:

  • Use a flexible plastic or fiberglass measuring tape, rather than a cloth or metal tape measure.
  • Try to take your measurements in the nude first thing in the morning. This way you are not measuring over clothing or getting false readings due to bloating that can happen during the day.
  • Stand with good posture when taking body measurements. Avoid slouching or bending.
  • Take your measurements in front of a mirror, so you can check your posture and ensure that the tape measure is being held straight.
  • Breathe normally and don’t suck in your belly or push out your chest to try to get a better measurement.
  • Pull the tape measure snug, but not too tight or too loose. The tape measure should be flat against the skin without digging in.
  • Be sure to take your measurements from the exact same spot. When measuring your arms or legs, stick to using the same side every time.
  • If possible, try to have somebody else take your measurements.
  • Write down your body measurements to keep track of your progress over time. (Download our free body measurement tracker here!)
  • Don’t measure daily. Your measurements will not change daily, so the most frequently you should measure is once per week.

Bonus tip: If you want to be super accurate, measure each body part 3 times and record the average of the three measurements.

How to Measure Each Area of the Body

body measurement diagram

We’ll show you how and where to take body measurements to get the most accurate results. Here are 9 body parts you can measure for progress:


Measure around the neck, right below the Adam’s apple.


Measure around the fullest part of the chest, which is usually in line with the nipple.


Extend the arm 45 degrees from the body and measure the widest point around the bicep. Be sure to measure the same arm each time, since your dominant arm is often more muscular and switching sides could skew your results.

Note: It can be difficult to measure your own arms. If possible, try to get somebody else to take this measurement.


Measure the narrowest point around the waist, right above the belly button. This is your natural waistline. You can also locate this area by bending to one side. The area where the skin folds is where your natural waistline is located.


Measure the widest point around the hips and butt. Be sure to take your measurement in front of a mirror to ensure that the tape measure is straight. It should be parallel to the floor.


Measure the top of the leg around the widest point of the upper thigh. Be sure to measure the same leg each time, since both legs may be slightly different in size.


Measure around the middle of the knee, where the knee bends.


Measure around the widest part of the calf. As with the arms and thighs, be sure to measure the same calf each time.


Measure around the narrowest point, right above the ankle bone.

Free Body Measurement Tracker

body measurement banner

Taking consistent body measurements is the ideal way to track your fitness and weight loss progress. And you are in luck! Because we have created a body measurement tracker that you can download for FREE.

Download and print out the tracker to take your starting measurements, set your goals (if you wish) and track your progress over the next 4 weeks!

Click here to download

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