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Cellulite Cupping At Home: How To Get The Best Results

This post will show you how to get the best results from cellulite cupping at home, with a video demonstrating how to use the Cheeky Cups Body Contouring Kit.

Looking for an easy and effective way to reduce the appearance of cellulite? Cupping just might be the cellulite-busting Holy Grail you’ve been looking for!

This ancient practice involves using suction cups to stimulate circulation and promote the breakdown of fat deposits, resulting in smoother, firmer-looking skin.

While it is typically performed in spas and clinics, it is also possible to do cellulite cupping at home. We’ve made the process even easier with our Cheeky Cups Body Contouring Kit!

To help you get started, we partnered up with Linda Poirier from Bodies After Babies to put Cheeky Cups to the test. Check out her video below to learn how to use Cheeky Cups for the best results.

You’ll also learn how to combine Cheeky Cups with our Contour Sleek Cellulite Firming Body Oil for the ultimate at-home cellulite treatment.

Cheeky Cups Body Contouring Kit


Video Transcript

Hi. I’m Linda with I have two kids and lost 54 pounds, and now I’m helping mommies all over the world to fit back into their jeans, get their sexy back, and find a life of happy.

Most of us have come to believe that we have cellulite when we are overweight, but there are many women who are very thin, and still struggle with that cellulite. So, what the heck is the deal? The secret lies in something called fascia.

You can think of fascia like fishnet stockings. Have you ever seen chicken, and when you peel back the skin, there’s that white, stringy kind of stuff? That’s fascia. It’s a layer above the muscle. When your fat pokes up though it, you get these little bumps everywhere. Disgusting cellulite.

There are different levels and stages of cellulite, and you can tell the health of your skin just by pinching it. If you can see here, I can pinch the skin on my arm. But when I show you later, if I pinch my legs, you can’t get that. That’s an indicator of unhealthy fascia.

I got this in the mail from Cheeky Physique. They are called Cheeky Cups. It’s a cellulite smoothing cupping massage treatment. I partnered with Cheeky Physique on this video. They also sent me a product called Contour Sleek, and it’s a cellulite firming body oil. I’m going to use these two things together to make a lethal combo, and I’m going to show you how to do it.

So, once I open the box, it comes in this little cute bag. There are two cups. There’s a medium one and a small one. The medium one is for larger areas like your butt and your legs, and then the smaller one you can use on your arms or on your stomach.

I purposely haven’t done any cupping in a while, so that you can see the differences. I will be doing another follow-up video, so that you can see what it looks like after a few weeks. Here is a before and after picture from using the Cheeky Cups. So, let’s get demo-ing it.

I’ll show you some pictures right here, that you can see. I have issues right on the mid-thigh.

You can’t see it from this, I’m sure, but it has little lumps all over the place, and hopefully the picture actually shows you what it actually looks like. I also have some weird lumpy things going on in here, in the inner thighs and the back. And my butt is super lumpy, but you guys are not going to see that today.

Earlier I was talking about the pinch test, and I showed you on my arm. But you can see, I cannot grab the skin at all. That’s what I mean by fascial adhesions. It basically is saying that I’m not very healthy in my legs. A lot of athletes will have this.

I mean, everybody will, but you can see I’m having a hard time. Maybe right here, I could pinch just a teensy bit, but overall, I can’t. The back is a little bit easier, but that just shows you that I have a lot of fascial adhesions.

So, what I’m going to do is I’m going to take a little bit of this Contour Sleek, and I’m going to just put a little bit on my leg. Right away, I like that it’s not too oily. But it’s just, it’s nice. You can use it by itself, and it’s supposed to have anti-cellulite properties. But always do this as a double threat, because it just heightens your effect. Once you have the oil on, you’re just going to put this on your leg, and you’re going to push down with your thumb on the top.

Then, all you do is you’re just going to grab it, and you’re just going to go back and forth. Now, I already feel it. If you’re just starting out, you don’t want to go too hard on the pressure, because this will probably hurt. Because I don’t have that healthy fascia, it feels a little rough.

So what I could do is, I just take it off and put it back on, and just do like a baby tap. And then, you just go back and forth. Really, really simple. It feels really good.

You can do this at night. I do this at nighttime when I’m watching TV, just to chill out. You just go back and forth. You can do it three to six minutes a side. If the suction comes off, you just push it back up. But that’s just from me pulling a little bit too much. You want to make sure you’re gliding, and not pulling up.

Then you just go back and forth, and you can go this way as well. What it does is, it’s going to lift up that fascia and pull it off of that muscle. Once you keep doing this for a few weeks, you’ll start to see a difference.

You can go on the back of your legs, your inner thigh. You can go on your butt. You can go on your legs. And then once you’re done doing that, you just want to just lightly flush it, they call it.

Cheeky Cups Banner

You just go like this towards your heart, just nice and easy. But you can do it five minutes. Three to six minutes, I guess it says on the site, at a time, and then switch legs. Super simple. You’ll find a difference. That’s about it.

Make sure that you drink water after you do this. You’re bringing everything to the surface. You want to flush everything out. Don’t use these if you’re pregnant. Don’t use them on varicose veins. Don’t use it on the back of your knee.

I’m going to leave a link below, so you’re going to be able to read all about this product anyways. I really love the smell of the Contour Sleek. It smells really nice, and it makes my skin… Like just feeling it doesn’t feel greasy. It just feels really soft.

This is a great option to use at home. You don’t have to go and make an appointment, or do all these crazy treatments for a lot of money. These retail for $32, and the Contour Sleek is for $38.

I will link to both of them below, so that you can see what they’re all about, and if you’d like to purchase them.

I will do a future video showing you the before and after results of this. I’m so excited now that I can use these. I wanted to wait for this video, and then go gung ho every day. I love this for a cellulite treatment. Why the heck not? It’s super cheap, and you feel a lot more confident, especially going to the beach, especially going in shorts. Spring and summer is coming up, so it’s really, really important to feel better. You know? It sucks feeling down on yourself.

If you like this video and hate cellulite, click the thumbs up button. Comment below and tell me where your cellulite likes to hang out. Be sure to click the subscribe button to be part of the Bodies After Babies community, and don’t forget to hit the bell so that you could be notified when I upload my next videos. There is going to be a lot of them.

Thank you so much for watching. Let’s get dimple free. Until next time.

Cheeky Cups Body Contouring Kit


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