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6 Tips for Looking Effortlessly Sexy

There’s nothing chic about trying too hard to look sexy. Not being able to walk in those sky-high heels or showing too much skin can look desperate if you’re not actually comfortable with what you’re wearing.

Real sexiness is all about ease, effortlessness, and – as cliché as it may sound – feeling confident. Here are 6 simple ways to take your sex appeal up a notch without overdoing it (or looking like you tried).

1. Wear a touch of red

How To Look Sexy

Don’t underestimate the power of color! Flashing a bold color here and there sends powerful nonverbal messages to the world, and it’s a great way to reflect your mood.

The most impactful color you can wear? RED. Studies show that women who wear red are perceived as being sexier and more attractive than those who wear other colors. Amazing, right?

You don’t have to wear read from head to toe to have this effect, either. Add a touch of seduction to your look with a red top, red shoes, or red lips.

2. Show off your shoulders or back

How To Look SexyHow To Look SexyHow To Look Sexy

Baring your legs or cleavage will definitely attract attention, but it can be even sexier to show off unexpected parts of your body – namely, your shoulders or back.

The cold shoulder look is subtly sexy and looks great year-round. For even more impact – when the occasion calls for it – a backless dress is always a showstopper.

3. Watch your proportions

How To Look Sexy

Proportion refers to the way your clothes work together in length, width, size, and volume.

Many times when an outfit doesn’t work, it’s because the proportions aren’t balanced. Here are some examples:

  • Wearing too many tight or short pieces together = slutty
  • Wearing too many long or loose pieces = dowdy

For maximum style and sex appeal, your clothes should balance each other out. Example: Pair a tight skirt with a blouson top, or a cropped top with full length trousers. It’s all about balance, style, and mixing the right proportions.

4. Wear a sexy perfume

How To Look Sexy

Perfume might be invisible, but its effects are not. Since scent is strongly tied to emotions, the right fragrance can have an almost magnetic effect on others.

Floral or oriental scents (like Daisy by Marc Jacobs or Dior Addict) are traditionally considered to be the sexiest. But what matters is how the scent makes YOU feel.

Perfumes will smell slightly different on each individual, as we all have different body chemistry; and the right perfume can be a true mood and confidence booster. So take the time to find your own best scent.

5. Wear clothes that skim, not cling

How To Look Sexy

When it comes to sex appeal, fit is everything. Who cares about what the size tag says if you look insanely sexy in that outfit? Baggy clothes are an obvious no-no, but be careful not to go too far in the other direction.

Clothes that are too tight can highlight trouble spots – no matter how thin you might be. Your clothes should skim your body rather than cling to it.

A good rule of thumb is that you should be able to “pinch an inch” when wearing woven fabrics. Knits and spandex clothes can be tighter, but if you see visible bulges, go up a size.

6. Enhance your assets

How To Look Sexy

Sexy women all have one thing in common: They know how to make the most of what they’ve got!

Instead of fighting your flaws, the trick is to draw attention to your assets. Whatever your best features are, show them off. Your so-called flaws will fade into the background.

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