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Cupping vs. Dry Brushing for Cellulite: Which is Best?

This post answers the question: Cupping vs dry brushing for cellulite – which offers the best results?

Do you have cellulite you want to minimize? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Cellulite and its lumpy skin can be caused by many different factors – from hormones and weight gain, to poor circulation.

But more importantly, what can you do about it? With so many different products promising “miraculous” results, how do you know which ones really work?

Two of the most popular options on the market (and our favorites) are dry brushing and cupping. Both with great proven track records!

Which is best for banishing the bumps and bulges? Here’s everything you need to know about using a body brush vs. cupping for cellulite.

Cupping vs. Dry Brushing for Cellulite Explained

Dry body brushing has been around for centuries and is a great way to detoxify the lymphatic system. It’s a quick and easy treatment that exfoliates skin and helps with circulation and fluid retention.

Cupping, on the other hand, uses suction to draw toxins from the body through increased blood flow. It also targets the fascia, or connective tissue, under the skin. This is a more intense treatment than dry brushing.

Top 5 Benefits of Dry Brushing for Cellulite

Tone & Glow Body Brush

1. Fast and convenient

The great thing about dry brushing for cellulite is how easy and convenient it is. You don’t need anything except for your trusty body brush!

Simply brush over dry skin in the direction of your heart. After your dry brushing session, it’s recommended to wash off in the shower. This is to get rid of any dead skin cells you may have on your skin’s surface.

It’s a super simple solution to cellulite reduction!

2. Stimulates circulation and lymph flow

Circulation is the key to getting rid of cellulite. Your circulation can be improved by sending more blood to your skin. This will give your skin the nutrients it needs in order to repair your cells.

Dry brushing can also help drain your lymph nodes. This will help eliminate any water retention that may be making your cellulite worse.

3. Feels great

woman using dry brush

Dry brushing is like an invigorating massage for the skin, and who doesn’t want that? Few skincare products offer so many benefits while being relaxing and enjoyable to use.

That said, you’ll definitely want to opt for a brush with gentle bristles (like the Tone & Glow Body Brush) to avoid scratching or damaging the skin.

4. Leaves skin plump and glowing

When you exfoliate the skin with a dry brush, the area is immediately plumped due to increased blood flow. Along with this temporary plumping, you’ll also see a healthy glow to your skin.

5. Helps skincare products absorb better

Dry brushing can also help you achieve better results with your skincare products.

Exfoliating with a dry brush removes dead skin cells from your skin’s surface. If your products aren’t blocked by dead skin cells, they will be more easily absorbed by skin.

Top 5 Benefits of Cupping for Cellulite

Cheeky Cups

1. Works at a deeper level

Cupping is known for its ability to reach deeper layers of the skin and even further. In fact, the vacuum pressure can affect tissues up to 4 inches deep!

This makes cupping for cellulite perfect, as it can work deep enough into the skin to reach your fat cells, lymph nodes, and connective tissue which could be behind your lumps.

2. Targets fascia under the skin

Ever wondered what is physically causing those bumps? It’s the fascia! Parts of the skin are pulled down by fibrous connective bands, which attach the skin to the muscles.

When you target the fascia with cupping, you’re helping the tissue loosen, which will stop it from pulling down on the skin – thus erasing those bumps known as cellulite!

3. Reduces puffiness and water retention

woman using cheeky cups

Since the cups work deep into the body, they are great for detoxifying the lymphatic system.

Water retention is the main cause of puffiness. The suction from the cups helps drain your lymph nodes and remove fluid, ridding your body of toxins and puffiness. This helps reduce the appearance of cellulite.

4. Great for boosting circulation

Like dry brushing, cupping can also do wonders for your circulation! Cupping is very effective at stimulating blood flow.

Why is circulation so important? Because healthy blood flow gives our skin the nutrients and oxygen it needs to fight the cellulite, of course!

5. Faster results

Cupping is a more intensive skincare method that will produce faster results. Cellulite cupping is not like traditional cupping techniques. The cup is constantly moving so there shouldn’t be any bruising.

We recommend using silicone cups such as Cheeky Cups, because silicone isn’t as harsh as traditional glass cups – plus they’re less breakable and a lot easier to use.

Cheeky Cups Banner

The Bottom Line: Which is Best?

This really does depend on personal preference! We always say the best treatment is the one you will do consistently.

That said, we recommend using both treatments together if possible. Combining dry brushing with cupping for cellulite will give you the best possible results!

How to Use Them Together?

Here’s our ultimate cellulite routine combining dry brushing and cupping! We recommend doing this at least 3 per week for best results. And of course, combine with a healthy diet and exercise for WOW results.

  1. Before you shower, dry brush skin focusing on cellulite prone areas.
  2. After your shower while skin is damp, apply a generous amount of body oil like Contour Sleek to allow the cups to glide.
  3. Perform your cupping massage! Spend 2-3 mins per area, or around 5-10 mins total.

You can also perform cupping during your shower for convenience. Just be careful since the oil can make your tub or shower slippery.

Are you ready to equip yourself with the best tools? Check out our handy products, which include everything you need to complete your cellulite-fighting regimen.

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