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Are Waist Trainers Worth It? 8 Pros and Cons

This post answers the question: Are waist trainers worth it and can they give you a smaller waist long term? Here are 8 pros and cons to consider!

You’ve seen them all over TikTok and Instagram… Waist trainers are a huge trend, and what’s more, celebrities like Jessica Alba and Kim Kardashian swear by them.

The question is, are waist trainers worth it? And can they really give you that snatched waist look that you’re craving?

If hours of exercise haven’t given you the hourglass figure you’re looking for, then you may be considering a waist trainer.

If you want to discover whether or not they are safe and the various pros and cons, then read on to learn more.

Waist Trainers vs. Waist Trimmers vs. Corset

As you begin researching waist trainers, inevitably tons of information and various suggested products will start flooding your screen and inbox.

In order to know the pros and cons of a waist trainer, it is important to understand how waist trainers compare to similar garments including corsets and waist trimmers.

Waist Trainer

waist trainer

Waist training and corsets have been in and out of fashion over the years – in fact, the idea was born in the 1500’s.  A waist trainer is made with compression fabric and can be worn under the clothing to create an instant hourglass shape.

The basic purpose of a waist trainer is to constrain and constrict your waist, which should work to reduce your natural waist size over time.  These garments are meant to be worn for 8 to 10 hours a day.

Waist Trimmer or Fitness Belt

fitness belt

When it comes to long term results, hard work and diet are always going to be the most effective way to a slimmer waist. However, the waist trimmer or fitness belt provides a solution to create a sleeker silhouette in a much shorter time period.

Waist trimmers are meant to be used during exercise, and are wrapped around the waist.

These inventions are made of neoprene and are not meant to be as tight as a corset or waist trainer.  The fabric increases heat and sweating during a workout, with the goal of engaging core muscles, improving posture, and reducing water retention in that area.



A traditional corset is made with boning and lacing. It slims the waist by tightening the laces.

Many corsets today use stiff plastic instead of traditional bones, and are made with a variety of different fabrics. These fabrics can include cotton, leather, velvet, satin or leather.

While a corset can be used for waist training, it tends to be more of a fashion item.

Waist Trainer Pros

waist trainer pros

There are many benefits that come with using a waist trainer.  Most notably, an instant figure change.

This can be particularly flattering for women who genetically have a more square shape, or have noticed changes in their body after childbirth.

Here are 4 Waist Trainer Pros:

Pro #1 – Instant hourglass figure

A waist trainer instantly slims your waist. It continues to change the shape of your waist by training you to use muscles in different areas to bend and do your normal activities.  Most people see a difference of almost 3 inches while they are wearing the garment.

Pro #2 – Improves posture

Because of the compression and the way that waist trainers are designed, it is impossible to slouch.  This improves your position and provides the necessary support for your back.

Additionally, as mentioned above, you begin to use and develop the muscles you need to maintain that posture after you have completed your waist training.

Pro #3 – Portion control

When there is constriction in your abdomen you feel fuller faster and have less room for food.  This means that you may end up eating a little less, and you may end up losing weight.

Pro #4 – Postpartum muscle tightening

Postpartum muscle tightening is what caused waist training to become popular amongst celebrities. It’s been said to reduce water retention and restore strength to the abdomen area.

Waist Trainer Cons

waist trainer cons

Are you willing to deal with the cons of waist training?

These side effects are worth noting, and they are why many experts criticize the use of waist trainers.

Here are 4 waist trainer cons:

Con #1 – Discomfort

Your level of discomfort will depend on whether you are wearing the garment properly. However, even when ensuring a proper fit, your discomfort may be high simply because you are using muscles you haven’t used in a long time.

If you start to experience any of the following symptoms, you may want to consider a different size or loosening your current trainer:

  • Bruising
  • Shallow breathing
  • Downward pressure
  • Restricted movements

Con #2 – Prevents full breathing

When you first start waist training you may notice that you will need to take more frequent shallower breaths.  This in itself can seem disconcerting, so make sure that your waist trainer is made for your size, and that it isn’t too tight.

Con #3 – Core muscles can weaken

When individuals choose to wear their waist trainer regularly and for long periods at a time it can cause muscle weakness and can even lead to muscle atrophy.

Remember, you are using different muscles instead of your core muscles to maintain posture. Learn to use your new muscles, but also give yourself time to use the muscles under your waist trainer.

Con #4 – Acid reflux

Your abdomen contains a complex network of digestive systems that all work together.  Wearing a waist trainer reduces your waist size, and puts pressure on these organs.  If you end up wearing your waist trainer during meals, it will hamper proper digestion, and can cause acid reflux.

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Our Verdict: Are Waist Trainers Worth It?

Do you have a night out on the town that you are looking forward to?  If you are wanting to feel gorgeous and have a slim fitting dress in mind, then waist trainers can be great for a quick fix.

However, there are much better ways to achieve a slimmer waistline without wearing an uncomfortable trainer for hours every day.

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