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How to Get a Snatched Waist without a Waist Trainer

Are you striving for a slimmer, smaller waist? Waist trainers are all the rage these days, with the likes of celebrity superstars Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian supporting the tight garments – but are they really the only option we have at getting the waist of our dreams? We don’t think so! 

Waist trainers are super uncomfortable, inconvenient, and can even do some damage to our bodies. The abdomen is where we hold all our important organs, like the heart, lungs, and entire digestive system. When waist trainers are used, they put pressure on these vital organs and if used too much, can actually move them from their original positions – it’s gross but true! To achieve a slimmer waist without causing any serious damage to your body, we suggest ditching the waist trainers and trying out some other methods.

Don’t believe us? There are ways of getting a snatched waist without waist trainers, and we’ll prove it to you!

1. HIIT workouts

woman doing hiit workout

It’s no surprise that exercise is vital to achieving a smaller waist. If your body is storing excess fat around your stomach, it could be bulking up your waistline and making you look bigger. To get the most out of your workouts, we suggest doing high-intensity interval training – also known as HIIT. For those that don’t know what HIIT is, it’s where you perform short bursts of cardio movements with small recovery periods in-between. HIIT has been proven to burn more fat than regular cardio exercising, as your body still burns calories in your recovery periods. To correctly perform HIIT, you need to work your body at around 80% and keep your exercises to no more than 60 seconds. Moves such as jumping squats, high knee marching, and burpees are the kind of all-rounder cardio exercises to use.

2. Bloat-busting diet 

protein rich foods

Your dream waist could be hidden behind a bloated belly! If your stomach seems to be constantly distended, it might be down to your eating habits. Foods like legumes, dairy, and cruciferous vegetables are the worst for bloat. Cruciferous vegetables are ingredients such as cabbage, broccoli, and kale. These green veggies contain raffinose – a sugar that remains undigested until bacteria in your gut ferment it, which of course causes gas. Legumes such as lentils, beans, and peas also produce gas, as they are full of sugars and fibers that our bodies just can’t absorb. Dairy food can also cause bloating and inflammation for a lot of people, as the lactose in these products can be difficult to digest. We suggest focusing on high protein foods to rid the bloat and give you some extra energy!

3. Do waist-whittling workouts 

woman doing floor exercise

To get a snatched waist without a waist trainer, you need to add some waist exercises to your routine – Russian twists, bicycle crunches, and rotating side planks are all great options. These exercises focus on the obliques, which are the muscles at the sides of your abdomen. It’s crucial to exercise these muscles rather than your abs if you want to get a smaller waist – although, if you want to work your abdominal muscles too, you can. Working your obliques will tone the sides of your stomach and tighten your waist, giving you that hour-glass figure you’ve been craving! Paired with your HIIT workout, you can bust through your exercises in an hour and be even closer to a slim waist.

4. Good posture

woman in workout clothes

Did you know that bad posture makes your waist look much bigger than it actually is? Constant slouching when we stand and sit can push our fat, skin, and muscles forwards creating ripples and bulges. To avoid this, practice standing straight with your shoulders back and your head up – this will create the appearance of a smaller waist. If you want the feel of a waist trainer without having to wear one, you can try engaging your core while you sit as this will work as a natural girdle and strengthen your muscles.

5. Dry brush your belly

woman dry brushing waist

Dry brushing is a simple yet highly effective way of sculpting your stomach, and everyone’s doing it! The natural firm bristles on a dry brush help to fight cellulite and water retention by increasing the body’s blood flow. Circulation is crucial for healthy skin, as it can affect how fast or slow new cells and proteins can be produced. When the brush is rubbed against the skin, the pressure can push out any trapped toxins and fluid from fat cells. When the body retains too much water, it stores the excess fluid in our fat cells – which pushes the cells further into the skin creating the dimples we know as cellulite. To dry brush properly, you need to work in circular motions and spend extra time on your waist to see get the best results!

6. Apply Tummy Sleek

Tummy Sleek Tummy Tightening Serum

Skin-tightening serums are perfect for aiding your waist-slimming efforts, that’s why the Tummy Sleek Tummy Tightening Serum is so important! This skincare product helps to firm and tighten the skin on the stomach using caffeine and bitter orange extract. Caffeine is proven to depuff, tighten, and smooth the skin, while bitter orange extract works at eliminating toxins that can cause bloat. If you’re prone to water retention and bloating, you could potentially lose inches off your waistline by using Tummy Sleek! Although the serum can’t burn away your tummy fat, it can define and tone your stomach to give the appearance of a slimmer waist.

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