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What are the Benefits of Caffeine in Skincare?

If you’re used to a morning cup of coffee, then you’ll be no stranger to caffeine. Although we’re most used to getting our caffeine fix from a hot or cold beverage, caffeine has been steadily making a name for itself in the skincare community. But why has caffeine for skin grown so popular?

Caffeine is an antioxidant, which is great for fighting free radicals, UV rays, and other harmful toxins in our environments. It’s also been said that caffeine-infused skincare products can reduce puffiness, cellulite, pores, and redness of the skin. With all these benefits, it’s no wonder this everyday ingredient is moving from our kitchen and into the skincare cabinet! 

Not so convinced about adding caffeine into your skincare? After reading these 5 benefits, you might change your mind!

1. Minimizes cellulite

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We all dream of having smooth and firm skin, but there’s always one thing in the way – cellulite. Ugly, lumpy, and always in the worst possible areas, cellulite really knows how to ruin a party! Cellulite is actually fat cells that are being pushed against our skin, due to poor connective tissue, water retention, and an overload of fat. These pockets of fat are actually really common, with around 90% of women and 10% of men suffering from cellulite appearance. It’s also incredibly difficult to budge the bumps, as cellulite is well known for its stubbornness. That’s where caffeine comes in!

Caffeine in products such as body scrubs and firming serums are perfect additions to your cellulite fighting skincare routine. This is because caffeine can dilate the blood vessels that lay beneath the skin, which in turn improves circulation around your body. You want to maximize your body’s blood circulation, as a recurring flow of new, oxygenated blood will aid your skin’s cell production – and this is very important. Your skin will then be able to produce natural, skin-firming proteins such as collagen, that can help flatten out those cellulite dimples!

2. Decreases puffiness

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Now, this benefit is especially prominent on the face and around the eyes. If you’re already using eye creams and facial moisturizers to help diminish under-eye bags and general puffiness, caffeine could give you the extra boost you need. As caffeine is an antioxidant, it can help to reduce any inflammation that could be happening on and under the skin. This will help to flush out any nasty toxins that may be trapped in your lymph nodes and will protect the skin from any environmental damage.

When applied as a topical product, it can give you temporary but instant results – so you need to keep up with applications, as it’s not a one-time fix. The blood vessels under your eyes are what cause dark circles, too, and these blood vessels are temporarily dilated from the caffeine, creating a brighter appearance! It’s best to keep your caffeine-infused eye serums cool by placing them in the fridge and using them both in the morning and at night.

3. Antioxidant

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We can’t stress enough how good antioxidants are for the skin and body! As we go about our ordinary life, our bodies are faced with lots of free radicals – these are unstable atoms that can cause damage to our cells, resulting in quicker aging of the skin and possible illness. Our bodies naturally produce some free radicals, but we pick up quite a lot through our environment. Things like X-rays, the sun, industrial chemicals, cigarette smoke, and other air pollutants are big free radical sources. 

To try and minimize the damage free radicals can do to our skin, we need antioxidants. These fight free radicals, stopping them from causing any harm to our cells. Caffeine is one of those free-radical fighting antioxidants! As long as you have some form of protection from free radicals, your skin should be able to keep its collagen levels and cells healthy, which means fewer wrinkles and no sagging. 

4. Reduces redness

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Redness and discoloration can really put a downer on your confidence. Applying caffeine to your skin can help ease any irritation that could be causing your redness. It’s also vasoconstrictive, which means it helps to calm the skin and narrow the blood vessels underneath. Most cases of redness are caused by a rush of blood to the vessels beneath the skin, which we know as flushing or blushing. When the blood vessels are narrowed, this stops the blood from unnecessarily flushing to certain parts of our bodies, like our cheeks and chest. For this reason, it is also a great solution to skin issues such as rosacea, as it reduces inflammation and the chances of your blood flushing to your face.

5. Makes pores look smaller

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If you’re sick of slapping on pore strips and clay masks in hopes that your pores will shrink, this one’s for you. The antioxidant can help to cleanse your face of any impurities and bacteria, which can get rid of any gunk stuck inside your pores. Scrubs that have ground coffee beans are known to help reduce pores, as both the caffeine and the bean particles rubbed onto the skin will banish any dirt hiding in your skin. Caffeine can then keep your pores looking less prominent by forming a protective layer over your newly cleansed pores.

What about DRINKING caffeine? Does that offer any benefits to the skin?

Now that we’ve gone through some of the many caffeine for skin benefits, you might be left wondering about the effects caffeine has when you consume it. Other than giving you an extra pep in the morning, drinking caffeine doesn’t offer as much for the skin. You’ll definitely feel more awakened and ready for the day, but that’s purely down to the caffeine rush. Drinking highly-caffeinated beverages such as coffee will still give you some of those benefits we previously discussed like reducing inflammation and stimulating your body, as it’s still an antioxidant. You won’t, however, see as much brightening to your skin or overall skin benefits, as you can’t localize where the caffeine goes like you can with a cream or serum. It’s entirely safe and won’t affect your skin health to have a cup of coffee here or there, but if you want to see some proper results, you should stick to the kind of caffeine you get in skincare!

Ready to become a caffeine queen?

If you’re not too sure where to start when it comes to caffeine-infused skincare, we’ve got you covered! Here are our top 3 products that contain caffeine 

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2. Tummy Sleek – Tummy Tightening Serum

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3. Arm Sleek – Upper Arm Firming Serum

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Used together, these products are perfect for giving your whole body a good old dose of caffeine!

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