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7 Style Rules to Throw Out the Window

Sure, there’s a few guidelines for putting together a fashionable outfit and developing your own signature style: If you’re wearing stilettos, you should be able to walk in them without face planting on the sidewalk. If you’re wearing lowrider jeans, you should be able to bend over without looking like a plumber. And no article of clothing should ever be tight enough to cut off your blood flow.

That being said, not all fashion rules are meant to be followed. (In fact, many of them are downright contrived and outdated.) Here are seven style rules to throw out the window.

#1. Don’t wear white after Labor Day

Does anyone actually follow this style rule anymore? We can’t imagine a cold season without snowy white bomber jackets, sparkling white cocktail dresses, or crisp white cable-knit sweaters. Why would anyone banish such a versatile and practical color from the dress code for the last stretch of the year? Ignore this madness and wear all the white you want.

#2. Don’t mix prints

Style Rules to Throw Out The Window - Don't Mix Prints
Roberto Cavalli Leopard Print Floral Dress

If stars and stripes can go together, then so can leopard print and florals. Or polka dots and toile. Mixing prints together has a certain charm to it. While a “matchy-matchy” outfit can make you look like you’re trying too hard, blending prints can come across as cool and effortless. And if you’re not quite sure how to mix and match, make things easier on yourself by choosing a dress that mixes prints for you.

#3. Bling is for nighttime

Whoever said sparkle and bling are only appropriate at night is probably a really boring person. Seriously, what’s not to love about a little bling to make your day a bit brighter? A statement necklace, crystal cuff bracelet, or even a sequin jacket in a neutral color are perfect for daytime. If you’re a lover of all things shiny, don’t let this stuffy fashion rule cramp your style!

#4. Dress your age

What does that even mean? Since when was twenty-something the cutoff for miniskirts, glitter, knee socks, or hoodies? Throw this style rule out the window and replace it with this one: If it fits and makes you feel fabulous, then wear it. Not every woman has the same expiration date when it comes to toned abs, knockout cleavage, and killer legs. So as long as you’ve got it, we sure hope you’ll flaunt it.

#5. Special occasions require high heels

We love high heels. They make legs look longer and they’re super sexy, even if you’re sitting down. But sometimes, all you want is to feel comfortable – and that’s okay. Some women assume special occasions and nights out on the town call for sky-high stilettos, but we beg to differ. If anything, it can be even sexier to rebel against the status quo and wear that cocktail dress with a pair of motocross boots or cute ballet flats.

#6. The more designer labels you’re wearing, the better

While dripping in designer labels used to be considered chic, it’s now more along the lines of pretentious and lacking in creativity. Style has nothing to do with whose name you’re wearing or how much you spent on your outfit. Style is an attitude, and you either have it or you don’t. True fashionistas won’t fret over labels, because they know how to look just as stylish wearing H&M as they do wearing Dior.

#7. Never show your bra

The jury is still out when it comes to bra straps, but a bra peeking out from under a low-cut top (or even a see-through blouse) can be very en vogue. Just make sure to wear a stylish bra in either black, lace, or a color that complements your outfit. A faded, worn-out, maternity-looking bra will ruin the whole look.

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