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The 10 Most Fabulous Bras of All Time

Ah, the brassiere. Throughout history, women have had a love-hate relationship with bras, vying for the newest style one minute, then burning them the next. But one thing’s for sure – the right bra can turn any set of boobs into a cultural icon. Here’s ten of the most fabulous bras of all time.

#1 The original striptease bra

Ten Most Fabulous Bras - Original Strip Tease
Mata Hari via Alchetron

In a world where it was deemed inappropriate for ladies to show their knees, Mata Hari dared to bare in a gorgeously ornate bra – and little else. This Dutch courtesan put exotic dancing on the map, and her costumes were beyond fabulous.

#2 The Jazz Age bra

Ten Most Fabulous Bras - Jazz Age
Josephine Baker via Shine

Josephine Baker took Paris by storm with her cheeky singing and dancing performances. Her iconic banana skirt and bejeweled bra – which wasn’t a bra for the faint of heart – are still revered as one of history’s most famous fashion moments.

#3 The fur bra

Ten Most Fabulous Bras - Fur Bra
Raquel Welch via The Telegraph

Take a fur bra, place it on a perfectly feminine figure, and the results are darn near deadly. Nobody could have rocked this look better than Raquel Welch in the film, One Million Years B.C.

#4 The Sophia Loren bra

You may be thinking, “What’s so special about a black lacy bra?” But when Sophia Loren is the one wearing it, you better believe history is going to remember that bra moment. Her killer curves could make magic out of the blandest brassiere.

#5 The Star Wars bra

Ten Most Fabulous Bras - Star Wars
Princess Leia via AnOther

The Princess Leia bra is a favorite of sci-fi fans everywhere. Seriously, Star Wars never looked so good.

#6 The 80’s cone bra

Few stars are as iconic to the 1980’s as Madonna. And with Madonna comes her infamous set of cones. Cone-shaped bras were all the rage during the 1950’s as well, but leave it to Madge to turn it into something fabulously controversial.

#7 The Wonderbra

Ten Most Fabulous Bras - Wonder Bra
Eva Herzigova via

When Eva Herzigova was featured in a 90’s ad for Wonderbra, jaws everywhere dropped. Today, the Wonderbra has solidified itself as the most famous push-up bra of all time.

#8 The lethal bra

Ten Most Fabulous Bras - Lethal Bra
Fembots via Nordstjernan

The Fembots in Austin Powers are sexy, sassy, and pack one lethal set of boobs. Who knew a bra could double as machine guns or gas bombs?

#9 The sports bra

Ten Most Fabulous Bras - Sports Bra
Brandi Chastain via NBC News

When Brandi Chastain took off her shirt after winning the 1999 FIFA Women’s World Cup, the whole world learned just how fabulous a plain black sports bra could be. It just goes to show – a bra doesn’t have to be covered in bling to make a statement.

#10 The millennium bra

Victoria’s Secret has designed several multi-million-dollar fantasy bras over the years, but millennials will always remember the moment Heidi Klum sported the $10 million millennium bra in 1999. With 2,000 diamonds and a bunch of sapphires displayed in a platinum setting, it doesn’t get much more fabulous than that.

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