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6 Remarkable Benefits of Face Cupping

We’d do anything to get age-defying, plump-looking skin, right? If you’re looking for a way of banishing wrinkles and adding a radiant glow to your face, we’ve got just the thing for you – face cupping! Now, don’t be scared away by the invasive cupping you see used by athletes, this ancient Chinese practice has been adapted for delicate facial skin and has plenty of benefits.

Cupping has been used for many years as Chinese medicine to target pain relief in the muscles and tendons, but over the years it has been modified into a well-loved beauty treatment, too! It works by using small-sized cups to suck and lift the skin and the tissue underneath, relaxing the muscles and resulting in firmer-looking features. Plus, facial cupping can be safely and easily practiced at home by yourself, so you can save some money and ditch the luxury facials and tubs of high-end creams! 

Still unsure? Here are all the face cupping benefits you can achieve!

1. Increases Circulation

facial cups

To repel the wrinkles and keep your face looking years younger, you’ll have to keep your circulation in tip-top condition. Using an at home facial cupping kit, you can give your blood flow the boost it needs! 

The cups act as a vacuum to stretch at the skin, forcing the blood under your skin up into the cup. While the blood is collected into the facial cup, newer blood can form around the currently cupped skin, giving the skin a new glow. 

For best results, you should aim to cup your face between 1-2 times a week for a month. Facial cupping benefits can be seen from as little as a month, but if you want your face to stay looking fresh and healthy, it’s advised to keep up the routine!

2. Reduced Puffiness

If you’re suffering from facial puffiness, a facial cupping session could help you ease the swell and boost your confidence. Excess water and toxins can get stuck in the lymph nodes around the body, which can result in bloat and puffiness around the eyes and face. 

The cups provide a gentle massage to the skin, aiding in lymphatic drainage as well as reducing any inflammation in the muscles. Simply place the cups on your skin while gently squeezing to create the suction and drag the cups along the skin in the desired areas – don’t forget to wave a final goodbye to your puffiness, too!

3. Targets Under Eye Bags

facial cups

In most at home facial cupping kits, you get a selection of sized cups for each area of the face. The small cups are perfectly sized for use on the delicate skin around the eyes. 

These cups can help to refresh tired-looking skin such as dark circles and under eye bags, leaving your eyes looking bright and glowing! 

Our favorite facial cups can be found in the Lift & Glow Kit, which includes two different sized silicone cups – a small cup for those intricate areas and a larger cup for the neck and outer facial region! 

The under eyes are full of lymph nodes and prone to toxin build-up, so a quick go-over with a facial cup can firm up any sunken-looking dark eyes by flushing the toxins out.

4. Reduces the Look of Lines and Wrinkles

Facial cupping benefits those with fine lines and wrinkles, especially in those hard-to-reach areas like around the lips and eyes. The cup’s powerful suction can penetrate the layers of skin and create a plumping effect. 

Cups made out of moldable material such as silicone can contour to the exact shape of your facial structure too, meaning you can get better results than from traditional glass cups. 

Cupping is favored over general massaging and facial techniques due to the powerful suction the cups can achieve and its ease of use – you don’t need to be trained in massaging methods and it’s much quicker, too!

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5. Encourages Collagen Production

For those that have just started their wrinkle-banishing journey, collagen is a highly important compound you should know of. The skin naturally produces collagen, however, the amount of it rapidly reduces once you get into your late twenties – so you need to act fast if you want to avoid and reduce the effects of aging! 

Fortunately, facial cupping can help, by promoting the body’s production of collagen. As the cups suck and lift at the skin, the stretching oxygenates the area involved, stimulating those cells for a better collagen production performance!

6. Strengthens Skin and Connective Tissue

Connective tissue is important if you want youthful, healthy skin. When strengthened, the tissue can densen to fill out wrinkles and aid in the breaking down of fat cells. 

Massaging and stretching the underlayers of the skin over time will strengthen the connective tissue, which is exactly what facial cupping can achieve! Whether you choose to try cupping at a salon or at home, you can achieve these facial cupping benefits!

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